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Ever since TMNet so “kindly” to put a limit or mostly known as throttle on torrent, lots of people have been asking me on how to download their favourite TV shows, movies, anime, MP3, software, games, etc which led me to write this post.

I consider myself a heavy Internet user because spend almost 12 – 16 hours per day on average surfing the Internet. And of course, I don’t have the luxury like others who can sit in front of the TV to watch their favourite TV shows. So, I prefer to download them and watch whenever I have the time to do so. Plus, in most cases, you can watch any show faster via Internet than waiting for the release on TV. How cool is that?

Remember that downloading files off of the internet is sometimes risky because people like to put viruses in them to steal your personal information. Always use extreme caution when downloading any file. It is best to have a virus program like Norton to scan the files before opening them up. I would suggest to never open files (especially .exe) from emails, even if you know the person sending them to you. When one of your email contacts gets hacked, the program will automatically send emails to all of their contacts (meaning you) in order to make it seem like it is a legitiment email, however, it is really a virus. Always ask the person directly before opening the email to make sure that they intended to send you the file to download.

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