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Recently, we were looking for a good landscaping contractor in the Scottsdale area for a few residential and commercial projects. We were dealing with another company that I won't waste time mentioning here. They ended up doing a very poor job on the most simple things, so we had to get rid of them. Great, now we were stuck with no landscaping company, so we had to do some research and determine who we should go with in a time crunch. Yeah, we needed these projects done yesterday.

We came across a local company, Goodman's Landscape Maintenance and went with them after talking to their staff and project manager. It was a no brainer and night and day difference between them and the past company. I could tell that this wasn't their first rodeo. Their professionalism and ability to get shit done right the first time was quite impressive. Kudos to them. I highly recommend them. You can check out their Scottsdale landscaping website here.

What is the lesson learned? You get what you pay for. Not only that, but peace of mind with dealing with an experienced company is worth thousands of dollars if you know it or not because of the potential BS you will probably have to go through with a less experienced and reliable company. Think of all of the times where you had to clean up someone elses mess? Not fun right? Yeah, I agree and that is why I am going to think twice before hiring the cheapest contractor for anything, not just landscaping!

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