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Unifi Review: High Speed Broadband, Slow Speed Service

Remember my last post about Unifi? Well this morning, I’ve decided to take my own initiative by calling them like I did for TMNet Streamyx few years back. I desperately need Unifi at the moment for my online business and 1MB Streamyx package is not good enough for me.

It’s funny how TMNet conduct their business. It’s like they’re saying “we don’t go to customer, you come to us!”

I’m glad that I called them because I just found out that Unifi service is finally available at my area. I should be shouting like I did yesterday (Malaysia vs Indonesia) right? No no no! We’re talking about TMNet here; this is way too good to be true right especially when there is nothing on the official site mentioning about Ampang area yet.

I was right; there is no connection to my house yet. See, I told you so. I was about to hang up the phone but the operator revealed something shocking: -

Operator: Sir, can you confirm your home address? Is it no. 30?

Me: Yes, it’s 30.

Operator: I’m sorry to inform you that all your neighbours already have the connection except for you.

Me: (in silence) WTF…

Operator: I’ll let the technician know about this.

Now, I feel like it’s getting personal!

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