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UNIFI: Yet Another Failure

You must be thinking that I was a little bit harsh on the title but this is the dilemma that I have to put up over the years dealing with TMNet. First, it took two and half years before they were able to install the cable to connect my home with Streamyx. And now, the same problem happens with Unifi.

I was very excited the first time I heard about Unifi because let’s be honest here, our so-called broadband is still not up to par. Go ahead and open 2 – 3 tabs of Youtube videos, you will understand what I’m trying to say here.

So, I went to TMNet in hoping that I could replace my old 1MB Streamyx to 10MB Unifi package only to discover that it is not available until July 2011. That’s like over a year from the launching date!

I forgot to mention that I’m living in Ampang; less than 5 km from KLCC. I can understand if they want to launch it in area like TTDI, Subang Jaya or Bangsar first since these areas can be considered as an affluent major townships but take a look at this: -

Come on, seriously?

Here’s another setback: -

Now we all have to pay the installation fee once it is finally available in our area. I mean it is not our fault for not subscribing now since it is not yet available.

That’s not all, take a look at this: -

What’s the purpose of having a high-speed Internet connection if there is a limitation? It is like having a supercar but the speed limit is 110 km/h. Oh wait, that’s already happen in Malaysia. Oops!

That’s not all, go to Google and type “Unifi”: -

Epic Fail!

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